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I just want to say this. I love Vampire: the Masquerade and last 10 years it is the game I've played the most. So example monster of vampire in Referee's book I advanced with caution. D&D vampires are kinda lame in my opinion, but LotFP vampire was kick ass! Well written, great gaming mechanics and powers and fluff writing was just awesome. I like what mr. James did there.

And basically there's an option to make player character vampire also... That could be one adventure seed. Character is turned into a vampire and he wants a cure! Some old tales tell that killing the master vampire will break the curse but what if after slaying him doesn't turn player character into human again? Time for plan B... but what is it? Plan B is a campaign to find a cure for vampirism while struggling with dark desire of blood.

I [insert f-bomb) love it!

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Re: Example monster: Vampire

Really interesting topic, I think the vampire's are the most popular character now days. One of the reason for this popularity is the movies and novels like twilight series.

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