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15.05.2023: Print Sale!

It's Monday and time for the big LotFP sale on PRINT ITEMS!

The coupon code is TAKE30 (all caps!) and it is valid in both the EU and US webstores!

In the US webstore, it gives a 30% discount on everything in the store.

In the EU webstore, it gives a 30% discount on everything except the items printed this year*, and the Deck of Weird Things. (we're limiting the EU webstore to 100 coupon uses because I have to pack this all up myself by hand and it takes time and I have shit to do and I want these all out the door before my US trip!)

We can only ship to US addresses from the US webstore.

We ship worldwide from the EU webstore, including to the US.

There are some different items available in each of the webstores.

Still ongoing is our "order eight or more items, get a free copies of the Death Frost Doom throwback edition hardcover, and the Orgasm Weird Crusher" offer for EU webstore orders.

Sale ends when I wake up Saturday morning.

EU webstore:

US webstore:

(cheesy salesman voice) The more you buy, the more you SAVE!)

  • items not eligible for the discount: Bee-Ware!, Beware the Mindfuck, The Jovian Visitor, Magic Eater, the Adventure Anthology Slipcase, Better Than Any Man Hardcover, No Salvation For Witches, Qelong, Rules & Magic Variant Cover 1, Rules & Magic Variant Cover 2, Deck of Weird Things. Still, buy them anyway, because they're good!

12.05.2023: Big PDF Sale Going Until Tuesday!

We're running a big PDF sale right now, all of our PDFs are $1.25 each at DriveThruRPG! And if you buy the LotFP Everything Bundle, you save even more off the regular prices. Runs until Tuesday.

LotFP PDF Store

LotFP Everything Bundle

We will run a sale on print items starting Monday, so watch out for that!

28.02.2023: New Releases and Reprints Available NOW!

New releases and reprints available for order NOW!

Order here:

New releases:
Bee-Ware! by Kelvin Green 25€
Beware the Mindfuck by Kristopher Carosella 10€
The Jovian Visitor by Glynn Seal 15€
Magic Eater by Kelvin Green 20€

Adventure Anthology Slipcase 35€
Better Than Any Man Hardcover 30€
No Salvation For Witches 25€
Qelong Hardcover 25€
Rules & Magic Variant Cover 1 25€
Rules & Magic Variant Cover 2 25€

There is a separate product listing for the Variant Cover combo, get both for 40€ total.

(prices listed here are VAT 0%, relevant to those ordering from the EU)

Every order including Bee-Ware gets a copy of the new Weird Crusher, Big Bee's Pamphlet of Spells.

Order 8 or more items at once and get a copy of the Death Frost Doom original version hardcover, and a copy of the Orgasm Weird Crusher, while supplies last (low supplies of Orgasm, still a decent number of DFDs).

Everything is a limited edition of 500 copies and will be available only from the EU webstore (and from retailers who order direct), except for Bee-Ware! and Magic Eater which have runs of 1000 and will be in the US webstore in a few months, and we just did 100 copies of the slipcase.

Details on the releases can be found on their individual product pages in the webstore, or you can watch a replay of the livestream we FINALLY got to work, skip the first eight minutes unless you enjoy seeing me complain about technology, and then I get on with introducing all of the releases.

24.11.2022: November Sale

Hello all!

The releases originally slated to come out before the end of the year will for various reasons be early January 2023.

So I will instead now do a SALE. Sorry to be so ordinary with the timing and everyone else doing the sales.

Spend 100€ or more in a single purchase (before VAT) and get free shipping worldwide! Use promo code 2022SNOW while checking out. (use all caps) Good for both the LotFP US and EU webstores. I will use the cheapest shipping method possible when fulfilling orders using these codes.

Offer good until I wake up Monday morning, or until I get 100 orders using the coupon code, whichever comes first.

(store links in the bar above)

I'll start packing and shipping the EU orders out, and getting the orders to the US fulfillment house, on Monday.

So this is a great time to get started (Rules & Magic and/or the Adventure Anthologies and/or Death Frost Doom are the common starting points for LotFP), or to fill out that collection!

Until the new stuff is ready, I somehow remain,

- James Edward Raggi IV Helsinki!

02.11.2022: November Update

So we're preparing some releases for press that should be out either right at the end of the year or in the beginning of next.

There will be three or four new titles, and three or four reprints.

And hopefully that tides us over until the Big Guns are finished and ready for release... including the Referee book, which we had in pre-edit preview form for people to look at (and page through) at Gen Con.

We've also got more videos on the way on the Youtube channel, including more comedy skits, some old content redone as videos, and some honest-to-goodness product information videos in the works.

So we've got a busy winter-into-spring in LotFP-land.

See you soon!

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