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06.07.2019: Summer 2019 Update!

Have we really not updated this website for over nine months? Yikes. The Facebook page (link there on the right) is probably the best place to get the latest news. But for now...

We'll be at Ropecon in Helsinki July 26-28 and once again at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 1-4 in booth 3010! We'll have exclusive books and/or merch at both conventions (as well as the releases described below).

We also have had new releases go up on the webstore this weekend:

No Rest for the Wicked: Brand new adventure by J Stuart Pate about spies and tragedy during the Thirty Years War.

Adventure Anthology Death: Reprinting Death Love Doom, Fuck For Satan, The Magnificent Joop van Oops, and Tales of the Scarecrow collected in one volume.

Adventure Anthology Fire: Reprinting in one volume now (or very soon) out of print adventures Tower of the Stargazer, God that Crawls, The Monolith from beyond Space and Time, and The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children. Sure to be the go-to for starting with LotFP for new fans in the upcoming years.

Death Frost Doom: The new printing has the same interior as the last printing, but we have a cool 10th anniversary special cover material. Nice to the touch!

Random Esoteric Creature Generator: Softcover reprint.

World of the Lost: Straight-up reprint.

Plus we never updated the front page about The Punchline, Zzarchov's adventure about Satanic clowns that we released late last year.

All available through the LotFP webstore or through your local game store!

15.10.2018: End of Year Update!

So we're staring down the last little bit of 2018.

Coming up we'll be at Spiel in Essen on October 25-28, and at Dragonmeet in London on December 1.

We've got a new book that should be out in time for Spiel (and Halloween on the webstore!), but we need confirmation from the printer that everything's going swimmingly before we properly roll that promo out.

The Ref book comes ever closer to finally having a full draft. Haven't forgotten that particular thing.

We also have a pile of submitted drafts we're sorting through. There had originally been a call for shorter projects trying to find something to push through before the end of 2018 in order to get that magical "10 new releases published this year!", but after some editing issues popped up in the Gen Con releases (which will be showing up in stores in the next few weeks, by the way... how's that for an uncomfortably juxtaposed plug) even though we'd followed the usual protocols, maybe "pushing" things through isn't the best way to handle things. So I think we may just have the new hopefully-Halloween release to close out the year. We'll see.

That's it for now. Keep up with our social media to get the latest on what we're bringing to the upcoming cons, and details of the upcoming releases as they happen, as we only rarely remember to update this page.

21.07.2018: Summer 2018 Update!

LotFP will be at Ropecon in Helsinki July 27-29.

We'll also have a table at Gen Con August 2-5, booth 2911. The booth at Gen Con is going to have so much stuff I think we're going to have to line the floors with product boxes and walk on them.

In addition to the LotFP stuff (including FOUR NEW TITLES debuting and hopefully selling out at Gen Con, written by Jeff Rients, Zzarchov Kowolski, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, and James Edward Raggi IV), we'll be selling:

Rafael Chandler's Lusus Naturae (I bought out his inventory... last copies!) Jacob Hurst's Field Guide & Dark of Hot Springs Island Zak and Patrick's Maze of the Blue Medusa DIY Productions' Hubris, Death is the New Pink, Gathox Vertical Slum, and The Ghoul Prince.

Limited number of all these copies so get there early.

We're also up for ENNIE Awards in six categories. Vaginas are Magic! is nominated for Best Free Product, and Frostbitten & Mutilated is up for Best Interior Art, Best Setting, Best Monster/Adversary, Best Writing, and Product of the Year.

18.05.2018: Update!

Things have been insane this year in LotFP-land.

On sale since the last update are Zak Smith's Frostbitten & Mutilated and the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and Their Modern Simulacra.

We also released a book called Fish Fuckers as a limited item. It's not available in the webstore anymore, but maybe if you're lucky you can get a copy at a convention.

Speaking of conventions, we'll be at the UK Games Expo, Ropecon, and Gen Con this summer.

Also, there are major postage cost increases on the way. Get your orders in by May 28 to get the current rates.

28.08.2017: Gen Con, ENNIES wins, and Spiel!

Whew. It's almost a week since coming back to Finland from another triumphant Gen Con. Lots of books were sold, profits made, and fans met (there was even LotFP Cosplay, as seen here!). But we also won big at the ENNIES again this year.

Blood in the Chocolate won the Gold ENNIE for Best Adventure.
Veins of the Earth won Silver ENNIEs in both the Best Writing and Best Monster/Adversary categories.
Broodmother Skyfortress got a Judges Selection.

Thanks to all who voted for us.

Do note that Veins was written by Patrick Stuart, who co-wrote last year's Silver ENNIE writing winner Maze of the Blue Medusa with Zak Sabbath, who himself won the Gold ENNIE for writing the year before that. Zak's new book for LotFP is in layout right now, and we're already plotting his next project after that.

Next big convention is Spiel in Essen October 26-29. We'll be in Hall A, Booth A114. I do plan on having the Referee book draft finally completed by then. Crossing fingers...

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