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Shirt: I Disagree - Ladies V-Neck Medium

Shirt: I Disagree -  Ladies V-Neck Medium
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Price: 24.80€
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Model: DisagreeShirt-V-M
Manufacturer: LotFP
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I Disagree T-Shirt
1 color on black shirt, Gildan 64V00L Ladies' Softstyle Shirt, 100% Cotton
Printing by Million Thoughts Entertainment

Ever since I was a kid, there have been things I've been told I have to believe. What it is that I have to believe is always different, depending on who's doing the telling, but the message is always the same: OBEY. And I've always thought the same thing: If I'm being told I must believe it, it must not be true. They're hiding something. So my strategy is always skepticism, do a little contrarianism, and see how they react. If they react badly, then you know they're full of shit. If they get curious about what I actually do believe, then I've got an actual conversation going! It's a great way to find out who is serious and who is an asshole. I decided to get some of these done because, hey, I was doing shirts anyway, I will finally make the shirt I want to wear that represents me. And maybe someone else wants one too!

Very limited run!

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Shirt: I Disagree -  Ladies V-Neck Medium
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