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Shirt: Fuck LotFP Classic Fit SMALL

Shirt: Fuck LotFP Classic Fit SMALL
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Price: 24.80€
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Model: FuckLotFP-Shirt-S
Manufacturer: LotFP
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Fuck LotFP T-Shirt
1 color on black shirt, Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton Shirt, 100% Cotton
Printing by Million Thoughts Entertainment

I've been hearing rumors that some people have negative feelings about LotFP. I know, I had a hard time believing it too... but I did some looking around, and it's true! Furries, Flat Earthers, people who think that Jeffrey Epstein actually killed himself, and LotFP haters. Man, the internet is a wild place.

Now, while it's not likely that any of those weirdos will actually want to give us money to wear the shirt, they might not know it's us selling them. So if you know one of these people, you can prank them real good by buying one as a gift and so when they pass by the LotFP booth at a convention wearing the shirt thinking they're making a great point, I'll get to thank them for the purchase!

Me, I'm going to wear mine around town and wait for people to ask me "What's LotFP?" And then I get to tell them! Always be selling!

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Shirt: Fuck LotFP Classic Fit SMALL
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