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Midvinter (Print + PDF)

Midvinter (Print + PDF)
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LIMITED EDITION of only 642 NUMBERED copies!
48 page a5-sized hardcover (color printing)
Words and Art By Kelvin Green
Graphic Design by Alex Mayo

A Festival of Folk Horror

December 1630. Up in the South Swedish Highlands a small religious community is getting ready for a very special winter solstice celebration. The food is cooked, the ale is poured, and the tree is decorated. Oh, and the human sacrifices are ready to be gutted in the name of Odin.

Happy holidays!

Midvinter is written and drawn by Kelvin Green, who also did Forgive Us, Fish Fuckers, and More than Meets the Eye, and drew Death Love Doom, Slügs, The Squid, the Cabal, and the Old Man, Thulian Echoes, and Barbarians of Orange Boiling Seas.

Midvinter is an adventure for characters of all levels, for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games.

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