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Winter Death (Print + PDF)

Winter Death (Print + PDF)
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Price: 27.50€
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Model: WinterDeath
Manufacturer: Gazer Press
Average Rating: Not Rated

52 pages A5-sized hardcover
Writing by Markus Schauta
Art by Marianne Musek
Cartography and Design by Markus Schauta
Proofreading by Thilo Graf

(third-party release by Gazer Press)

Winter, a frigid December night, 1634 AD. A lonely inn on a snow-shrouded pass, somewhere in the Swabian Alb. While a bunch of imperial soldiers have gathered in the taproom, a chained-up group of misfits, the Player Characters (PCs), freeze in the cellar vault below.

Of the soldier's captain has his way, this biting cold night will be the prisoners' last. The only chance for survival: A daring escape into the merciless winter cold. Will the adventurers manage to avoid summary execution, or will they end up on the gallows by sunrise?

The breathtaking race against time is suitable for up to 4 low-level characters for use with Lamentations of hte Flame Princess and other traditional role-playing games.

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