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Green Messiah (Print + PDF)

Green Messiah (Print + PDF)
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48 page full color A5-sized hardcover
Writing and Art by Messiah Green
Layout and Graphic Design by Alex Mayo 

Years ago, in the quiet Sussex hamlet of Town Littleworth, something from the black extra-cosmic gulfs of space fell from the sky.
Something that a childless couple took in and raised as their son.
In this one act of kindness, they may have doomed the world.
GREEN MESSIAH is a botanical adventure for use with LAMENTATIONS OF THE FLAME PRINCESS WEIRD FANTASY ROLE-PLAYING and other traditional role-playing games. It is suitable for characters of most levels, and vegetarians.
Within you will find an invasive alien species of shape-changing root vegetables, malicious trees, and an extensive menu of delicious – and potentially fatal – fruits and vegetables from another world.
The adventure is best played in a shaded area, watered no more than once a week, and kept indoors in colder months.
The Messiah Green, before his verdant apotheosis, wrote FORGIVE US, FISH FUCKERS, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, and MIDVINTER.
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Green Messiah (Print + PDF)
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