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11.08.2023: New Releases AVAILABLE NOW!

It's time once again for new LAMENTATIONS OF THE FLAME PRINCESS releases! Ten new books and six reprints, with a ton of authors and artists making their LotFP debuts as well as some returning favorites.

BONUS: Buy 10 or more items in a single order and get a d48 and a magic item card (The Golden Chicken of King Koraz by Jeff Rients) free with your purchase... while supplies last!

The new books (with the briefest of synopses):

  • Black Chamber: A secret underground training facility has been taken over by a sinister alien intelligence.
  • Do Not Accept This Quest: A haunted house, zombie kids, a nice little one-shot to really get everyone regretting their lives.
  • Faecal Lands: The creator of the Midderlands and Staffortonshire Trading Company Works of John Williams applies his deft, skilled hand on a classy adventure of extradimensional danger.
  • Galileo 2 Judgment Day: The pope sends a robot after Galileo.
  • Gift for All of Norway: Delving into a cave to discover the lost secret of the jötunn.
  • Green Devil Face #7: After six years away, it's the return of our zine-style anthology of weird gaming goodies for your table.
  • Meanderings of the Mine Mind: A mine has been unwittingly dug into the fossilized remains of a great cosmic being... and it is not quite yet dead.
  • Winnie-the-Shit: Kelvin Green strikes again with this mashup of Winnie the Pooh and The Isle of Doctor Moreau.
  • Temple of the Wurm: A submerged temple contains the last remnants of a bizarre alien race that does not quite fit into our physical universe, and just might challenge your ability to fit into it as well.
  • Yellow Book of Brechewold: "What if Jack Vance wrote Harry Potter as a sequel to TH White's Once and Future King?"

plus we have copies of Gazer Press' Winter Death adventure, written specifically for LotFP, as well as the tote bags which were such a big hit at recent conventions!

The reprints:

  • Jeff Rients' Broodmother Skyfortress is now back in print! One of the best books in our catalog, it is half adventure, half tools and wisdom from Rients about running old-school games. Get yours before they're gone again!
  • The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and their Modern Simulacra is back in print, so that also means our Starter Bundle is back in print as well.
  • And we've done a run of last year's Curse of the Daughterbrides, Just a Stupid Dungeon, The Curious Conundrum of the Conflagrated Condottiero, and The Obsidian Anti-Pharos to sell out of our EU store since our US webstore is no longer shipping to outside of the US.

And if you missed them, earlier this year we released Kelvin Green's Bee-Ware! and Magic Eater, Glynn Seal's Jovian Visitor, and Kristopher Carosella's Beware the Mindfuck!, as well as reprints of Better Than Any Man, No Salvation for Witches, and Qelong, and a couple of alternate-cover rulebooks that have been surprisingly popular.

We also need to clear some space out of storage so all existing shirts are now heavily discounted, permanently.

We'll begin packing orders on Monday and shipping will begin on Tuesday... hopefully we can get everything out the door faster than in the last few release cycles!

And assuming this release cycle doesn't lay a big ol' egg, we have more stuff in the works of course, both stuff in the works for years and newer things, so the future is looking busy and bright. And because people are always asking about it (and they should...), the Ref book is now in the hands of an outside editor so progress is being made there too.

26.07.2023: Introducing the New LotFP releases!

Here is a video introducing the 10 new releases, 6 reprints, and one third-party book that we have for you!

We'll have them on sale at Ropecon (July 28-30), Gen Con (booth 2930, August 3-6), and from the EU webstore (we ship worldwide) on August 11!

23.06.2023: Bee-Ware! and Magic Eater now available through the US Webstore!

As the subject line says... Kelvin Green's latest adventures Bee-Ware! and Magic Eater are now available for immediate order from the US webstore.

We're still only able to ship to US addresses from the US webstore, but of course if you're outside the US, you can order from the EU webstore, we ship worldwide from that one.


15.05.2023: Print Sale!

It's Monday and time for the big LotFP sale on PRINT ITEMS!

The coupon code is TAKE30 (all caps!) and it is valid in both the EU and US webstores!

In the US webstore, it gives a 30% discount on everything in the store.

In the EU webstore, it gives a 30% discount on everything except the items printed this year*, and the Deck of Weird Things. (we're limiting the EU webstore to 100 coupon uses because I have to pack this all up myself by hand and it takes time and I have shit to do and I want these all out the door before my US trip!)

We can only ship to US addresses from the US webstore.

We ship worldwide from the EU webstore, including to the US.

There are some different items available in each of the webstores.

Still ongoing is our "order eight or more items, get a free copies of the Death Frost Doom throwback edition hardcover, and the Orgasm Weird Crusher" offer for EU webstore orders.

Sale ends when I wake up Saturday morning.

EU webstore:

US webstore:

(cheesy salesman voice) The more you buy, the more you SAVE!)

  • items not eligible for the discount: Bee-Ware!, Beware the Mindfuck, The Jovian Visitor, Magic Eater, the Adventure Anthology Slipcase, Better Than Any Man Hardcover, No Salvation For Witches, Qelong, Rules & Magic Variant Cover 1, Rules & Magic Variant Cover 2, Deck of Weird Things. Still, buy them anyway, because they're good!

12.05.2023: Big PDF Sale Going Until Tuesday!

We're running a big PDF sale right now, all of our PDFs are $1.25 each at DriveThruRPG! And if you buy the LotFP Everything Bundle, you save even more off the regular prices. Runs until Tuesday.

LotFP PDF Store

LotFP Everything Bundle

We will run a sale on print items starting Monday, so watch out for that!

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