Read on for information about LotFP releases and news.

05.05.2016: GenCon Booth

It is confirmed that LotFP will be in booth 3002 at GenCon. You can see the full trade hall map here. We're in the lower right hand corner.

02.05.2016: Upcoming Dates

June 18 It's Free RPG Day! LotFP is participating with the 32 page bestiary Slügs! Find a participating retailer near you here.

And LotFP will have vendor space at the following conventions:

May 28-29 Role Play Convention in Köln.
June 3-5 UK Games Expo in Birmingham
June 10-12 NordCon in Hamburg
July 29-31 RopeCon in Helsinki
August 4-7 GenCon in Indianapolis
September 3-4 TraCon in Tampere
October 13-16 Internationale Spieltage in Essen
December 3 Dragonmeet in London

25.02.2016: New Releases!

Towers Two and World of the Lost have been released!

Towers Two was the adventure Dave Brockie was working on for LotFP when he died, and lifelong GWAR fan Jobe Bittman finished the thing off. It's probably the wildest thing LotFP has ever released, both art and text, and below the spectacle simmers an adventure just soaking in old-school goodness. Many choices to make, many places to explore, many factions to possibly join, all up to the player characters and the situations they get themselves into. It's a 112 page full color hardcover, and includes the unedited draft that Brockie had last turned in.

World of the Lost is Rafael Chandler's African Lost-World-With-A-Big-Twist sandbox setting with lots of setting tools and over two hundred described hex locations. 176 pages of gaming excellence between two hard covers, plus a pullout poster map.

Also released are reprints of the Rules & Magic book and Red & Pleasant Land, as well as the latest installment of the Green Devil Face zine.

If you want all this stuff in print, go here. If you want it in PDF, go here.

23.12.2015: End of Year Sale!

We need to make room for the new stuff that should be going to press in early 2016, so it's SALE TIME! Use coupon code YEAREND through 11:59pm Finnish time on December 29 to get 50% off these titles at the LotFP Store:

Forgive Us
The God that Crawls
The Idea from Space
Isle of the Unknown
The Monolith from beyond Space and Time
Scenic Dunnsmouth
Tower of the Stargazer

This is also your last chance to take advantage of 2015 shipping rates because of course the post office is raising them again as of January 1 (I'll be updating the store's rates on the 30th since anything ordered from then will ship in the new year)... even though fuel costs are dropping and Finland's official inflation rate is negative. Fuckers.

So fill out your collection with these discounted items, don't forget to browse through the regular-price items, and get a T-shirt or two, and we'll all be set for next year and all the fun new stuff that will (finally) bring.

02.12.2015: Dragonmeet!

LotFP will be at Dragonmeet in London on Saturday the 5th. To keep bookkeeping and stock as simple as possible during this time, the webstore will be closed until Sunday afternoon.

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