Read on for information about LotFP releases and news.

03.12.2014: NEW RELEASES!

We've got five new books out today:

  • A Red & Pleasant Land
  • The Idea from Space
  • No Salvation for Witches
  • Death Frost Doom
  • Tower of the Stargazer

Get them in print here.

(Order 5 or more physical items and get a set of limited LotFP postcards with new art by Yannick Bouchard!)

Or in PDF here.

27.11.2014: Happy Fun Book Release Day in ONE WEEK

The printer confirms that the reprints will be delivered by December 4 at the latest, so that means A Red & Pleasant Land, The Idea from Space, No Salvation for Witches, Death Frost Doom, and Tower of the Stargazer will finally be available for sale at that time.

I know my previous update here says I'd start preorders right after that confirmation, but let's be safe and wait until it's confirmed that everything is OK and ready to ship, OK?

10.10.2014: New Releases Delayed

The new books were delivered today as scheduled, but there was an error in one of the books that was not present in the proof. I learned of this error too late to contact the printer today, so I have to wait until Monday morning to see how long it will take the printer to provide corrected books. Once I have this information, sales will go live as a "pre-order" with orders shipping when the corrected books arrive.

You have no idea how sorry I am about this. (All offers with expiration dates will be appropriately extended.)

06.10.2014: This Week!

The printer says that all five of the new books will arrive here at the end of this week. A Red & Pleasant Land, Death Frost Doom, No Salvation for Witches, The Idea from Space, and Tower of the Stargazer will all go up for sale as soon as they're loaded in.

To promote these releases (the combined print run of all these titles is 12,000 copies!), we've changed the website background, so we now have "our heroes" up there on the right with elements of these adventures- Our Alice is wearing the Alice dress for Red & Pleasant Land, the Flame Princess is holding a frozen skull from Death Frost Doom, there's Idea from Space's Manakata idol, and Melissa is holding both a telescope and a magic item from the horrorsplatterfreakdeathfest No Salvation for Witches.

And your advisories: Of these releases, NSFW is, well, NSFW, with tons of gore and nudity and some gory nudity. IfS has a lot of nude musclemen in the artwork but is otherwise inoffensive I think, and RPL, DFD, and ToS should all be fine for everyone.

04.09.2014: At the Printer Now

Five new books have gone to the printer.

A Red and Pleasant Land by Zak S 192 page deluxe format hardcover with full color interior art.

No Salvation for Witches by Rafael Chandler 64 page hardcover with full color interior art by Jason Rainville and Ian MacLean.

Death Frost Doom by James Edward Raggi IV and Zak S 64 page hardcover, completely revised and rewritten edition. New layout and artwork by Jez Gordon, new cover by Yannick Bouchard.

The Idea from Space by Simon Carryer 32 page softcover, layout and art by Sarah Richardson, cover art by Olli Hihnala.

Tower of the Stargazer by James Edward Raggi IV 32 page softcover, brand new layout and additional art pieces by Dean Clayton.

They'll be on sale in early/mid-October.

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