Read on for information about LotFP releases and news.

22.10.2020: October Update

Things have been going well the past few months. The July sales were more than we can ever have hoped for (thank you!), and we are hard at work on the upcoming projects.

We are running a free shipping order in the EU webstore for orders being shipped to Germany through October 25; the free shipping option will show up automatically show up during checkout.

If you want to hang out with the most dedicated maniacs, ask questions, get recommendations, etc, check out our Facebook group here.

13.07.2020: New Releases later today (July 13th): All the details!

Later on today, Monday July 13th, at 3pm Helsinki time (1pm London time, 8am New York time, 5am Los Angeles time) the new releases go on sale!

We break down all of the new stuff, and the special deals, here!

(edit: Issues with Facebook have been resolved and the posts restored. No explanation on why the links were being blocked.)

26.06.2020: June Update: New Releases Forthcoming!


Within the next couple of weeks, we will have a number of new releases up on the LotFP Webstores. (The US webstore, closed when the corona virus shut the warehouse the goods ship from, will also be reopening when these new releases go live.)

Both webstores will have these new releases:

  • Adventure Anthology: Blood
  • Big Puppet
  • Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti

The EU webstore will have a number of exclusive items:

  • The Deck of Weird Things (limited edition of 500, with an option for a heavy duty slipcase edition, 100 of those available)
  • Blood Fire Death heavy duty slipcase that will fit all three Adventure Anthologies (limited edition of 250)
  • Doctor Slüg T-shirt (the hero we need for these plague times!)
  • LotFP Classic Art T-shirt
  • The 2019 Gen Con releases (since there are no conventions this year; these will be very limited)

If you buy all four new books (AA:B, BP, Deck, and Fermentvm) from the EU webstore, you will also get the following free items (while supplies last):

  • The Octo-Planetary Blade of Somnambulistic Beneficence (deluxe zine format booklet by Jeff Rients, limited to 200)
  • LotFP Dead Sign face mask (limited to 200)
  • LotFP Bucket (limited to 48)
  • LotFP promotional Pen

Look for all this in early July!

29.01.2020: LotFP US Webstore Now Open!


(We've just opened it to the public so we ask your patience if you run into bugs... and we ask you to inform us about should you encounter them.)


Cheaper shipping charges if you're in the US. (much cheaper...)

Some items in stock than we don't have in the EU Webstore! (Carcosa, Scenic Dunnsmouth, No Salvation for Witches, etc...)


Customer information is NOT shared from the existing EU webstore!

If you're a member of the Gardening Society, you need to create an account in the new webstore and contact me to upgrade your account manually before your discounts are activated.

Yes, weights are still in grams and the prices are still in Euros. While shipping is out of the US, we're still doing all the bookkeeping out here in Finland.

We have to manually enter in countries to the shipping zones and we have not mapped out every country on Earth. If your country hasn't been entered in, you'll be unable to choose a shipping option for your order. Let us know so we can add it.

There will be sometimes be items that are available only through the EU webstore, and some items only available through the US webstore. Physical goods and two warehouses half a world away from each other will do that sometimes.

21.12.2019: New LotFP Release! Free Shipping Offer!

New items are now available at the LotFP Webstore! If you order a T-shirt and use the promo code EDWINA then you get FREE SHIPPING on your order! Details of the new releases and new shirts and everything below:


This book is LIMITED EDITION of only 642 NUMBERED copies! Hard cover, color interiors, high grade paper! This one won't be going through the retail distribution chain, so get your copy NOW! Orders will be packed in the order they are received!

And with this I'd like to finally publicly welcome Midvinter's creator, Kelvin Green, as LotFP's newest full timer! He came on board in October, and he will be creating all sorts of fun stuff for us in the months and (hopefully) years to come!

About the book:

"A Festival of Folk Horror

December 1630. Up in the South Swedish Highlands a small religious community is getting ready for a very special winter solstice celebration. The food is cooked, the ale is poured, and the tree is decorated. Oh, and the human sacrifices are ready to be gutted in the name of Odin.

Happy holidays!

Midvinter is written and drawn by Kelvin Green, who also did Forgive Us, Fish Fuckers, and More than Meets the Eye, and drew Death Love Doom, Slügs, The Squid, the Cabal, and the Old Man, Thulian Echoes, and Barbarians of Orange Boiling Seas.

Midvinter is an adventure for characters of all levels, for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games."


Also in the webstore are FOUR new T-Shirt designs, and one T-shirt reprint!

Two of the new designs are Midvinter-related shirts, and two are things I wanted for myself and just printed a couple dozen extra for shits and giggles in case someone else wanted them. We've also reprinted the very popular 2017 Flame Princess design.

If you buy at least one T-shirt and use the coupon code EDWINA then SHIPPING IS FREE on your entire order! This is the time to stock up on all the LotFP books you've missed from the past little while!

OFFER ENDS 11:59PM (23:59) FINNISH TIME DECEMBER 26! All orders taking advantage of this offer will be shipped before the end of the year!

(Orders taking advantage of the free shipping offer will be shipped the cheapest method possible, potentially even in multiple packages.)


We have LotFP tote bags in the store (79 of those)! We have also added two more copies of Eldritch Cock to the webstore, rescued from the clutches of overseas storage.

And we have one last box of 20 Red & Pleasant Land. Remember in 2014 when the release was delayed because the printer had, ahh, made a goof with the materials? I kept a box. You'd only notice a difference if you had it side by side with one of the "proper" ones. So this is really the last of them, once these are gone then rights for the book revert back to Zak for him to reprint himself or find another publisher or whatever he wants to do with it. These copies will have a little seal affixed opposite the title page identifying them as 1st printing misprint copies.

We are also down to our last 48 Broodmother, 45 Isle of the Unknown, and 73 Vornheim. But I think those are still available through distribution so it's not your LAST CHANCE. But, hey... why not?

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