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04.09.2014: At the Printer Now

Five new books have gone to the printer.

A Red and Pleasant Land by Zak S 192 page deluxe format hardcover with full color interior art.

No Salvation for Witches by Rafael Chandler 64 page hardcover with full color interior art by Jason Rainville and Ian MacLean.

Death Frost Doom by James Edward Raggi IV and Zak S 64 page hardcover, completely revised and rewritten edition. New layout and artwork by Jez Gordon, new cover by Yannick Bouchard.

The Idea from Space by Simon Carryer 32 page softcover, layout and art by Sarah Richardson, cover art by Olli Hihnala.

Tower of the Stargazer by James Edward Raggi IV 32 page softcover, brand new layout and additional art pieces by Dean Clayton.

They'll be on sale in early/mid-October.

05.08.2014: No Salvation for Witches

It's Pay What You Want for a full color hardcover physical book.

PDF goes out a day after the campaign ends, and the book goes to print less than a week later.

21.07.2014: The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children released as a Pay What You Want PDF!

LotFP's 2014 Free RPG Day release is now available here as a Pay What You Want PDF! Download it for free, then decide for yourself if it's worth paying for, and if so how much.

16.06.2014: "About" Page Updated!

I just hit Nordcon this past weekend, and Free RPG Day is next weekend, so there might be a few new people curious about LotFP. So I've updated the About page (for the first time in what, five years?) with all the relevant info that someone unfamiliar with LotFP needs to know.

17.03.2014: God that Crawls Walkthrough

Jason Thompson did a walkthrough cartoon for The God that Crawls. You can see it here.

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