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08.10.2009: LotFP Reviewed on All Games Considered

The crew on the All Games Considered podcast talk old school games, including a twenty minute segment about No Dignity in Death, People in Pembrooktonshire, and Death Frost Doom.

The entire episode is about 90 minutes long (and has a lengthy overview of Mutant Future!), and the LotFP segment is around 27:00 - 47:00.

Download it here (40mb).

17.09.2009: LotFP Teams Up with Goblinoid Games, Brave Halfling Publishing, and Expeditious Retreat Press!

We have joined forces to bring you the Old School Sampler, a pdf-format bundle of products at a heavy discount to show off a variety of traditional gaming products and styles.

Included in the bundle are:

Brave Halfling Publishing's People of the Pit by Alphonso Warden Expeditious Retreat Press' The Lost Keys of Solitude by Joseph Browning and Suzi Yee Goblinoid Games' Idol of the Orcs by James Boney LotFP's Death Frost Doom by James Edward Raggi IV

The bundle costs $18.70, discounted from the total individual item cost of $23.94. If you haven't tried any of the newer adventures released for the traditional games, this is the perfect time to start.

Available at Your Games Now and RPGNow.

17.09.2009: Green Devil Face #4: TARGA Benefit

The next issue of Green Devil Face will be a PDF-only release, benefiting TARGA activities. Details here. Send your submission today! Or when it's ready. Deadline October 31.

15.09.2009: The New Site is Live!

The format hasn't changed, but I'm sure you'll agree that it is much nicer to look at anyway. Take a look around, check out the blog, follow LotFP on Twitter, and buy lots of stuff. ;)

26.08.2009: Six Products in Print

The website renovations may not be complete but LotFP's 6 products are out in print and pdf! See the Products page for details of what's out there, the Reviews page to see what's been written about them, and the Store page to find out where you can buy LotFP stuff!

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