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29.01.2017: Donate, Get a Book

LotFP is offering a free book to anyone who donates US$50 or more to the ACLU.


  • Offer is good for donations made from January 29 2017 onward.
  • One free book per person.
  • Offer good through February 2017, or until we give away 500 books, whichever comes first. (see our social media outlets for the running tally of how many book are left in the offer; if you make a donation and our offer has expired, there will be no refund, as the ACLU is not involved in this offer)
  • Any book available on the LotFP Webstore may be claimed for this offer:
  • (yes, you can pick a t-shirt instead, and if we run out of a particular title you will be asked to pick another)
  • Email proof of your donation to along with your desired book and your shipping address.
  • You will not be added to any mailing list, your information won't be passed on, etc.

23.01.2017: Free RPG Day Book Announced!

LotFP is participating in Free RPG Day again this year. The book is complete, but until early January 28 we are running a pre-order/sponsorship offer here for those of you without a participating local game store, or for those who want to help get a bigger print run for the book.

It's written by LotFP head James Edward Raggi IV, illustrations are by Rosi Kämpe, who has done some work for Marvel and Top Cow this past year. Oh yeah, the book will be hardcover.

As to what the book is... if you thought Slügs! last year was crazy, you haven't seen anything yet:

Yes, that is the real cover, and yes, we've lost our minds. But isn't that what you're here for? Not going to be boring, in any event.

12.12.2016: Broodmother Skyfortress and Blood in the Chocolate RELEASED!

Two major new releases from LotFP are available in print and PDF now! Copies are going fast in print, and they are both outperforming A Red & Pleasant Land (my benchmark for sales volume) in PDF at this stage of release.

The books will also be getting out to local game stores in 6 to 8 weeks.

Some reviews of Broodmother have been posted (here, here, and here), and Kiel previews the BitC adventure here with everything you need to know about it.

28.09.2016: Fall Update

LotFP Hoodies, as well as a number of T-shirt designs, are available from Noble Knight. Watch our cute promo for the hoodies here.

LotFP will be at Spiel in Essen October 13-16, booth 2-F108, and we are co-sponsoring Dragonmeet in London December 3.

The books I had hoped to have out at this time, surprise!, still not ready. There is still the hope to get a book or two out before the end of the year though.

More when there's more to say.

18.07.2016: LotFP Summer Update

The LotFP Bundle of Holding is live and runs until August 1! Starting at $12.95 for 6 PDFs, this is a great introduction to LotFP, both for its own sake and as a low-priced sampler of our offerings before our big convention appearances. If that sounds good to you, I'd jump on it sooner than later since the bonus package's price increases steadily through the Bundle's life. If you know someone that is curious about LotFP, let them know about the bundle.

And check out this writeup the Bundle people did about LotFP!

July 22 will be LotFP's 7th anniversary being officially in business. Lots done right, lots done wrong, but increased sales every year, so crossing fingers for getting more right than wrong in the next seven years!


July 29-31 Ropecon, Messukeskus, Helsinki
August 4-7 GenCon, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

Ropecon is the home field, for the first time in Helsinki's major convention center. The trade hall will be decently sized, and LotFP has booked a big 5x2 meter space in response, but otherwise this should be business as usual.

GenCon is the big one. For the first time we've got a trade stand there (booth 3002, right across from Kingdom Death awesomely enough) and this might be the only time to see the North American supporters in person. Come say hi, buy some stuff (we'll have the entire catalog plus some exclusive hoodies, a pile of the convention-exclusive tour shirts, and Maze of the Blue Medusa), and help spread the word!

We also have TraCon coming up September 3-4 in Tampere, another huge convention in October as LotFP has a stand at Essen Spiel (Hall 2, Booth 2-7108), and then we finish out the year December 3 at Dragonmeet in London.

As far as upcoming releases, We should be putting out two new major releases in the fall (hopefully September, but you know...) which will satisfy the 1000 New Published Pages pledge made at the beginning of the year. We've got some long-overdue crowdfunding rewards that were supposed to go to press in May, but between dealing with misprints and the heavy convention schedule, that didn't get done and I'm not leaving my wife with boxes everywhere while I'm in the US so that'll get done after GenCon. And just maybe before the end of the year, a third major release.

And then 2017 should be another crazy, productive year.

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