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04.06.2021: Another Shipping Cost Update!

We have negotiated new shipping deals with three different carriers. This will greatly reduce shipping costs from the EU webstore, and maybe even shipping times.

Until that is all set up in the webstore, and we estimate it could take up to two weeks to learn three new shipping systems and then get them set up as choices in the webstore, we've deactivated shipping to all territories except Finland.

Sorry for the inconvenience but you'll love what comes after.

24.05.2021: Shipping Cost Update

So you might have noticed the massive shipping price increase to most non-EU countries that went into effect at the beginning of the month.

Good news is I have been in contact with a number of different shipping companies and have gotten some offers. I have to go over some things, but it looks like I'll be able to offer shipping prices comparable to, in some cases better than, what the rates were before the increase.

What all is going to be involved in getting those shipping options set up, I don't know... but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to announce the new rates are in effect.

Watch this space.

08.03.2021: March Update!

Hi again to new people!

Just a reminder that you can download the current version of the LotFP rules (sans art), the old version of the Referee book, and a number of adventures and supplements for free. Links to where they're hosted at DriveThru are on the right side of the screen here. You may have to turn the adult content filter off to see all the downloads here.

Looks like the Facebook Group is proving to be the most active place to discuss LotFP.

We have a flood of new talent submitting pitches right now for shorter adventures, so hopefully we can do a few books each a few times a year instead of the annual HERE IS A PILE OF NEW STUFF dump. Hopefully.

Speaking of: Looks like June is going to be when the next series of books goes to press. Exactly how many is still up in the air, but at least three... and gulp the way people are suddenly turning things in, it may be as many as ten (!!!!!!!!!!!).

The new Ref book is still slated to be the release cycle after that one. In the meantime we still have the previous printing available for free download.

Now back to work...!

15.01.2021: Hello new people!

Just a note that in addition to the forums linked in the menu above, we have a more active Facebook Group where fans, creators, and the curious discuss the game!

19.12.2020: LotFP 2020 Year-End Sale

Divvying this up into sections:

For the EU Webstore... 20€ FLAT-RATE SHIPPING OPTION WORLDWIDE. Finally pick up those heavy books like Veins of the Earth (don't forget the slipcase!) without paying Finand's arm and a leg rates for shipping. I'll eat the difference. My Christmas gift to you all! Add more stuff in, shipping will not increase! (And I've already received notice that shipping rates are going up after the first of the year...)

Do note we only have FOUR Vornheims left as of this writing, ELEVEN Isle of the Unknowns, and FORTY-EIGHT Broodmothers. When these are gone, they are all gone. So grab your copy now.

ALSO, use promo code BYE2020 when checking out and get 50% off any and all t-shirts!

Offer ends December 28!

EU Webstore

For the US Webstore... hmmm... less bits and bobs there.

Free shipping on all orders!

Offer ends December 28!

US Webstore

For you PDF fans, over on DriveThru, the LotFP Everything Bundle is 80% off normal prices! Through December 31!


Just want to thank everyone for a big year here at LotFP. We came really close to total disaster, but you all made sure we live on to fight another day.

But now it's time to advance again. Looks like the next releases won't be to the printer until March or so (five months later than I'd hoped... sigh) and then the release cycle after that... seriously... the Ref book. So I need to conserve resources for all that, but there is much to do between now and then.

For LotFP, I have a mischievous promotional program in mind. Maybe it's a cheeky little clever idea, maybe it's another "OH GOD WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" mess in the making, but LotFP has been bouncing back and forth across that line its entire existence. It's baked into the LotFP way of doing things. We're not like the other children and won't be made to be. Getting swatted back a few times isn't going to stop that.

But this idea (which I'm not telling - the outcome is something I want to see as it happens, not see people predict what would happen) will take a little cash. So whether it results in a full-on meltdown, an unnoticed damp squib, or some level of amusement and/or useful promotion in the middle... buy a book or ten and let's play.

And if that all gets financed, then there are a couple of other promotional things that I want to do that are a bit safer and standard, but less interesting and exciting on my end.

And after the business is done, there are some personal improvements to take care of, and always more projects to get on the faster track. That'd be cool too.

2020 was just weird on a global scale... an LotFP LARP of awfulness, really. 2021 will probably be moreso. I'm not confident I'll be able to get back out on the road to see you all this year (Goth Con has already announced going digital-only for 2021...) but while I don't miss the travel I do miss matching the actual human faces to the digital presences. I actually miss you people. Damn it.

We have an active LotFP Facebook community group and you can come interact with the chatty ne'er-do-wells that haunt that cursed place.

Be swell, everyone.

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