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24.11.2022: November Sale

Hello all!

The releases originally slated to come out before the end of the year will for various reasons be early January 2023.

So I will instead now do a SALE. Sorry to be so ordinary with the timing and everyone else doing the sales.

Spend 100€ or more in a single purchase (before VAT) and get free shipping worldwide! Use promo code 2022SNOW while checking out. (use all caps) Good for both the LotFP US and EU webstores. I will use the cheapest shipping method possible when fulfilling orders using these codes.

Offer good until I wake up Monday morning, or until I get 100 orders using the coupon code, whichever comes first.

(store links in the bar above)

I'll start packing and shipping the EU orders out, and getting the orders to the US fulfillment house, on Monday.

So this is a great time to get started (Rules & Magic and/or the Adventure Anthologies and/or Death Frost Doom are the common starting points for LotFP), or to fill out that collection!

Until the new stuff is ready, I somehow remain,

- James Edward Raggi IV Helsinki!

02.11.2022: November Update

So we're preparing some releases for press that should be out either right at the end of the year or in the beginning of next.

There will be three or four new titles, and three or four reprints.

And hopefully that tides us over until the Big Guns are finished and ready for release... including the Referee book, which we had in pre-edit preview form for people to look at (and page through) at Gen Con.

We've also got more videos on the way on the Youtube channel, including more comedy skits, some old content redone as videos, and some honest-to-goodness product information videos in the works.

So we've got a busy winter-into-spring in LotFP-land.

See you soon!

31.07.2022: LotFP at Gen Con August 4-7!

LotFP will be at Gen Con August 4-7, Booth 3032! THIS WEEK!

Our Deals for the Show:

  • Purchases of $100 or more get a free copy of two debuting titles, Curse of the Daughterbrides and Just a Stupid Dungeon, while supplies last. (300 copies each)
  • Every 4 books purchased at once (not counting free items!) gets a 5th book free. (The cheapest is the free one.)
  • Buy 8 items (not counting free items!), you also get a free copy of the Death Frost Doom throwback edition, plus your choice of an Orgasm (less than 100 left) or the Octo-Planetary Blade of Somnambulistic Beneficence (less than ten left!) while supplies last!
  • A free copy of either The Printer's Devils or The Expiration of Barrington Peake with every purchase, while supplies last.
  • Buy the Deck of Weird Things, get a free book of your choice (of equal or lesser value).

Our guy who has in the past provided the card payment capabilities isn't going to be there this year, so we can only take cash (please bring lots of $5s and $10s!) or Paypal (done through your phone, have the url ready to go on your phone's web browser... unfortunately we have to charge a +7% fee for Paypal payments)

The mysterious Alucard Finch, author of Big Puppet, will be at the booth 1-3pm Thursday, 4-6pm Friday, 12.30-2.30pm Saturday, and Sunday 1-3pm! He's got a personalized, annotated copy of Big Puppet, and will be giving it away to some lucky/poor bastard!

Also Debuting at Gen Con:
Curious Conundrum of the Conflagrated Condottiero $15 (new Kelvin Green adventure!)
Obsidian Anti-Pharos $15 (new Alex Mayo adventure!)

Other Titles:
6x6x6: The Mayhemic Misssile Method $35
Adventure Anthology: Blood $60
Adventure Anthology: Death $30
Adventure Anthology: Fire $25
Asterion $10
Big Puppet $35
Book of Antitheses $50
Carcosa $30
Cursed Chateau $25
Death Frost Doom $20
Deck of Weird Things $100
Earth Incubation Crisis $30
England Upturn'd $15
Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti $35
Forgive Us $15
Frostbitten & Mutilated $25
Green Messiah $25
Idea from Space $10
In a Deadly Fashion $25
Midvinter $25
No Rest for the Wicked $15
Obscene Serpent Religion 2 $10
Punchline $20
Random Esoteric Creature Generator $20
Rules & Magic $25
She Bleeds $10
Staffortonshire Trading Company Works $35
Strict Time Records Must Be Kept $30
Terror in the Streets $30
Terror in the Streets Boxed Set $120
Towers Two $25
Wight Power $25
World of the Lost $30

17.05.2022: May Update

It'd be nice if I updated my actual homepage once in awhile, eh?

The US warehouse indeed finally received the big shipment from last October's releases so everything there is shipping immediately.

We also released through the EU webstore three new titles last month: Alex Mayo's Earth Incubation Crisis (112 page hardcover adventure) and Kelvin Green's Strict Time Records Must Be Kept (80 page hardcover adventure), as well as a new Weird Crusher featuring a new adventure by Kelvin Green which is being shipped free with all EU webstore orders while supplies last. These (as well as a full new printing of the Rules & Magic book) should arrive in the US warehouse sometime in July.

02.03.2022: March Update

The shipment to the US warehouse has arrived in the US and cleared customs, just waiting for it to actually get to the warehouse so we can ship out all your pre-orders. It's taken longer than expected, sorry for the delay, please bear with us.

We've had a bunch of new reviews and podcast appearances since last update!

The Book of Antitheses is discussed in the latest Weird Studies episode (co-hosted by JF Martel, who wrote the book's foreword).

Neckbeardia Reborn did a 72 minute video review of that same book!

Publisher James Edward Raggi IV was interviewed by The Red Room podcast and also interviewed by RaRa-Rasputin!

Raggi was also part of a FIVE AND ONE HALF HOURS LONG LIVESTREAM hosted by the T-Shirt Historian.

Wight Power got a 26 minute video review and Terror in the Streets got a 24 minute review from the Red Dice Diaries podcast. No Rest for the Wicked only got 14 minutes, In a Deadly Fashion got 13 minutes, and Punchline only got 12 minutes. Green Messiah got 17 minutes though!

RPG Pundit reviewed Green Messiah and Terror in the Streets.

The Age of Dusk blog reviewed Staffortonshire, Wight Power, Green Messiah, In a Deadly Fashion, and Asterion.

Terror in the Streets reviewed here.

GrimJim reviewed Green Messiah, 6x6x6: The Mayhemic Misssile Method, Wight Power, In a Deadly Fashion, and Terror in the Streets.

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