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09.11.2011: Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are at the Printer

Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are at the printer.

Barring any shenanigans, they will arrive sometime the first week of December and go on sale then. Watch this space, or the LotFP blog, or however you keep track of LotFP news, for further updates.

30.10.2011: Preparing for Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown

Now that the Grindhouse sale is over, we're in "home stretch" mode for both Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown.

These go to the printer November 7, and we expect to have them on sale right at the start of December.

15.07.2011: Summer News

The LotFP train storms onward!

RopeCon is July 29-31 in Espoo, and LotFP will again have a table stacked with OSR books. LotFP will also be participating in panels featuring, among others, Frank Mentzer and Erik Mona.

Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are in production now (Carcosa is in layout!), but the Curse of the Small Publisher is that nothing is ever done when it's expected to be done. They're coming, don't worry.

LotFP has been featured on a number of podcasts lately, including The Game's the Thing, All Games Considered, Yellow Menace, RPG Circus, and Gamer's Haven!

LotFP has also been featured on SomethingAwful's WTF D&D? column, and there's a big review and interview on Suvudu!

There's some third-party LotFP products out there. LotFP isn't involved in their production, but whether that makes them better or worse or about equal is up to you to decide. Postmortem Studios' Kiss of the Frog God in print and PDF, Jack Shear (with Jeremy Duncan) has created the Flavors of Fear document.

I know this space isn't updated very much, but the latest news and links is always up-to-date over at the blog and Facebook page.

01.05.2011: May News

Vornheim and the Grindhouse Edition are on sale and continue to do well. The PDF editions go on sale today.

We already carry some Rogue Games products, and as of May 2 we will carry most of the Frog God Games' line of Swords & Wizardry products. We have a huge pallet of stuff on its way from the US with product from many other OSR publishers as well.

Work is underway on Exquisite Corpses, Carcosa, Isle of the Unknown, and a couple more things. Look for these to come out over the next six months...

04.04.2011: LotFP Grindhouse Edition and Vornheim Now On Sale!

The new printing of Weird Fantasy Role-Playing (called the Grindhouse Edition) and Zak S' Vornheim: The Complete City Kit are now available for pre-order from the LotFP store.

If you pre-order both items, you will receive an oversize sheet with the Vornheim dice charts. This offer ends when I am notified by the printer that the books have come off the press...

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