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09.03.2014: Scenic Dunnsmouth and Forgive Us are out now!

Two new adventures out this past week:

Scenic Dunnsmouth by Zzarchov Kowolski: A journey into the weird backwater village of Dunnsmouth, suffering from various infestations of evil. Features a cool adventure customization procedure (including a full example so there's a ready-to-run version), and laid out so you can copy/print out only those sections of the adventure that are in play at the time. 112 pages, 2-color interior print, with layout and all art by Jez Gordon.

My personal opinion: This is a new Major Work to be put alongside Vornheim and Carcosa in terms of interesting stuff and new ways to put things together. Zzarchov really killed it with this one.

Forgive Us, written and illustrated by Kelvin Green: Urban horror! Criminal activity goes wrong when the wrong thing is stolen and ancient evil is released. The PCs show up just when the situation might/might not get out of hand...

My personal opinion: Fuckin' cool. Kelvin had his idea, designed the book, then fit the pieces together. The result is just like the cover: Simple yet striking.

You can buy them in Print or PDF at the LotFP Store or in PDF at RPGNow.

They'll also be showing up on game store shelves in a couple months.

Also, LotFP is once again participating in Free RPG Day. If you missed the recent crowdfunding effort, then participating game stores will be the only way to get a copy. Info here!

02.03.2014: New Books Coming This Week!

We've got two new books coming out this week (Tuesday afternoon Finnish time if all goes as planned with the delivery) in print and PDF.

One is Kelvin Green's Forgive Us, formerly known as Horror Among Thieves. It contains three adventures. In Green's words: "The main adventure is more or less The Thing slapped into a thieves' guild in a populous 17th Century city. The first backup is a ghost story of sorts and the second is a short mystery intended for use in kicking off a longer campaign." It'll be a 48 page book.

The other is Zzarchov Kowolski's Scenic Dunnsmouth, which involves a village in a swamp. Exactly what's going on in the village is hard to say (or promote), as the adventure features a pretty nifty random generation system so that the adventure is different every time it is played. There is a step-by-step example sequence in the book though, and the end result is one pregenerated example of the adventure all ready to go. 112 pages, with the interior in a wicked two-color format that really brings out the sinister vibe of Jez Gordon's art.

So two long-delayed projects will finally be available. Now to get to the rest of the long-delayed projects...

10.02.2014: February Update!

Wrapping up in a few days is LotFP's Free RPG Day 2014 fundraising campaign to get a free adventure into hundreds of stores this June:

The campaign features an à la carte setup so you can get only the things you want. Available are copies of the Free RPG Day adventure itself including a backer cover, as well as World of the Lost, a prehistoric-themed sandbox by Rafael "Teratic Tome/Slaughtergrid/lots of stuff" Chandler, the print edition of which is exclusive to this campaign. Also, a killer, killer new T-shirt design by Jez Gordon, and a tote bag! Stretch goals are likewise being done on an item-by-item basis. Go take a look.

Also, Kelvin Green's Forgive Us and Zzarchov Kowolski's Scenic Dunnsmouth are at the printer now. Forgive Us is a creepy 48-pager the author describes as "more or less The Thing slapped into a thieves' guild in a populous 17th Century city." Dunnsmouth is a 112-page adventure about a cursed village in a swamp that features an innovative adventure setup procedure. We'll announce when they go on sale at the LotFP webstore, likely at the end of this month/beginning of next.

11.12.2013: Winter Update

Boy oh boy are we rubbish with keeping up on the news.

We're in writing and production mode, with the Referee book, the reprints of Death Frost Doom and Tower of the Stargazer, Zak's Red and Pleasant Land, Zzarchov's Scenic Dunnsmouth and Thulian Echoes, Rients' Broodmother, Chandler's No Salvation for Witches, Michael Curtis' A Single Small Cut, and Kelvin Green's Forgive Us (formerly Horror Among Thieves), Another Shitty Adventure, Tower of the Navelgazer, Brockie's Towers Two, and Conley's English Civil War Sandbox, and probably another thing or two I've forgotten right now, all in various stages of completion.

Stretched thin is not the word for it.

The Ref book is the main priority, since nothing else can really be printed or sent to distribution until the core is done. After that, things should pop out at a more consistent rate than we've managed lately...

13.09.2013: Ref Book Time

We're getting the new hardcover Ref book going.

The details:

New greatly expanded hardcover Ref book... and a new 4th printing of Death Frost Doom will be included with all Ref books backed through this campaign thanks to pre-campaign sponsors!

There is a lot of exclusive stuff available through the campaign like heavy-duty slipcases and Ref screens, a new Zzarchov adventure, T-shirt, special dice sets, note pads...

There are add-ons which will change the book itself -- commentary by Kenneth Hite or Frank Mentzer or Michael Curtis or Zak S, or new monsters by Rafael Chandler and Aeron Alfrey...

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