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02.06.2012: $16,240

The Hardcover IndieGoGo campaign is over and you guys funded the revamped hardcover Rules & Magic book plus an adventure by Kenneth Hite.

I'll have more thoughts on the blog later this weekend, but for now, THANK YOU!

19.04.2012: LotFP Hardcover + Adventures Campaign is LIVE!

See the graphic over there to the right? It's a new crowdfunding campaign to see if people really want the LotFP Rules & Magic book in hardcover like they've been telling me.

To sweeten the deal, as stretch goals there will be adventures written by Aeron Alfrey, Graeme Davis, Tina Engström, Kenneth Hite, Frank Mentzer, Jason Morningstar, Steve Kenson, Cynthia Celeste Miller, Richard Pett, Stefan Poag, Stuart Robertson, Zak S, Juhani Seppälä, and Jukka Särkijärvi.

If enough people contribute, this just might be the best deal ever in gaming.

10.02.2012: Crowdfunding Campaign for Next Two Adventures is Live!

The Monolith from beyond Space and Time and The God that Crawls are the next two adventures that are in production.

Sponsorship opportunities are detailed here!

14.12.2011: Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown OUT NOW

Carcosa Weird Science-Fantasy Horror Setting. 288 A5 size hardcover. Full description of what it is here, PDF preview of actual book contents here.

The PDF version (which comes free with a print order) is an absolute state-of-the-art example of PDF technology, with extensive links, layers, and bookmarking. Click around on the maps.

Isle of the Unknown Island hexcrawl full of the strange and unusual, suitable for any fantasy campaign. 128 page A5 size hardcover. Full description of what it is here, PDF preview of actual book contents here.

The PDF version (which comes with a print order) isn't quite state-of-the-art with the interior cross-linking as Carcosa, is fully bookmarked and layered.

Extras Both Isle and Carcosa have optional add-ons. 250 of these are available for each book. Each book comes with an A4 sized map printed on canvas-like material and a double-sided full color A3 poster (both sides of the individual posters are shown in the pics here). Extras for each book are 5€ each. They are added by default, so toggle it to "No" if you don't want them. But you want them.

Discount Offer 1 Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society members get 2€ off the print versions of Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown as long as there are extras left for each book. When the extras run out, the discount is reduced to 1€ per book (the same discount Gardening Society members get on all print products in the LotFP store).

Discount Offer 2 Missed out on the Grindhouse Edition? If you buy at least 50€ worth of stuff from the LotFP store (say, the new Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown books), coupon code ULFIRE will get you a 12,50€ discount off the Grindhouse box through December 31.

09.11.2011: Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are at the Printer

Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are at the printer.

Barring any shenanigans, they will arrive sometime the first week of December and go on sale then. Watch this space, or the LotFP blog, or however you keep track of LotFP news, for further updates.

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