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09.07.2010: The Grinding Gear nominated for an ENnie!

LotFP's Grinding Gear module has been nominated for a Best Adventure ENnie.

Death Frost Doom got an Honorable Mention for Best Cartography.

See the full list of nominees here.

10.06.2010: In the Home Stretch

July 23 is the release date for LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing.

As soon as all the material is printed (expected to be early July), we'll open up a pre-order here on the site. We'll debut the game at Ropecon (July 23 - 25), and then begin to fill the accumulated orders after that date.

Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, Hammers of the God, Tower of the Stargazer, and Weird New World (those latter two included with the box and available separately) have been added to the product pages.

A little over a month away.

14.04.2010: All's Not Quiet on the Northern Front

Things have been quiet on the news end, but this summer will be a big release:

LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing

It will be a box set with 7 booklets, dice, character sheets, etc. Two of those booklets are adventures that will also be available separately.

Also released at the same time will be the third printing of Death Frost Doom and the new adventure Hammers of the God.

The plan is to debut all of this at Ropecon, held in Helsinki July 23-25.

You can keep up with news and doings on the blog and forum, and otherwise, see you guys in July!

02.02.2010: LotFP Releases Available in Print and PDF from Indie Press Revolution

Just like the title says. The LotFP section at IPR is here!

16.01.2010: LotFP PDFs Now Available at!

Links have been added there to the right and on the Store page.

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