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15.07.2011: Summer News

The LotFP train storms onward!

RopeCon is July 29-31 in Espoo, and LotFP will again have a table stacked with OSR books. LotFP will also be participating in panels featuring, among others, Frank Mentzer and Erik Mona.

Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are in production now (Carcosa is in layout!), but the Curse of the Small Publisher is that nothing is ever done when it's expected to be done. They're coming, don't worry.

LotFP has been featured on a number of podcasts lately, including The Game's the Thing, All Games Considered, Yellow Menace, RPG Circus, and Gamer's Haven!

LotFP has also been featured on SomethingAwful's WTF D&D? column, and there's a big review and interview on Suvudu!

There's some third-party LotFP products out there. LotFP isn't involved in their production, but whether that makes them better or worse or about equal is up to you to decide. Postmortem Studios' Kiss of the Frog God in print and PDF, Jack Shear (with Jeremy Duncan) has created the Flavors of Fear document.

I know this space isn't updated very much, but the latest news and links is always up-to-date over at the blog and Facebook page.

01.05.2011: May News

Vornheim and the Grindhouse Edition are on sale and continue to do well. The PDF editions go on sale today.

We already carry some Rogue Games products, and as of May 2 we will carry most of the Frog God Games' line of Swords & Wizardry products. We have a huge pallet of stuff on its way from the US with product from many other OSR publishers as well.

Work is underway on Exquisite Corpses, Carcosa, Isle of the Unknown, and a couple more things. Look for these to come out over the next six months...

04.04.2011: LotFP Grindhouse Edition and Vornheim Now On Sale!

The new printing of Weird Fantasy Role-Playing (called the Grindhouse Edition) and Zak S' Vornheim: The Complete City Kit are now available for pre-order from the LotFP store.

If you pre-order both items, you will receive an oversize sheet with the Vornheim dice charts. This offer ends when I am notified by the printer that the books have come off the press...

20.02.2011: New LotFP Webstore Now Live!

If you click the Store menu item up above you'll see the all-new, all-awesome LotFP Webstore. We now sell PDFs direct, offer free PDF with print purchases, and all sorts of fun stuff.

In the months to come we'll be adding other publishers' goods to the store as well.

I should also note that as of January 1, LotFP is part of the Bits and Mortars program. Basically, if you buy a print copy of LotFP goods, you get the PDF version with it free. If the store you buy gaming products from isn't part of the Bits & Mortars program, give them that link!

(The Deluxe Edition PDF is not loaded in the B&M database, just to avoid headaches and confusion with the forthcoming Grindhouse Edition at the retailer level. However, if you're bought the Deluxe Edition box set (or any other print product) since January 1, email a proof of purchase to and you'll get a coupon for a free download of the PDF version.)

Speaking of Grindhouse, the new edition of Weird Fantasy Role-Playing (don't blame me for the rapid turnover between editions - you guys sold the old one out, not me. ;)) is probably 10 days away from being ready to go to press.

Vornheim depends on Zak's schedule (poor guy has a profession life beyond doing RPG stuff - can you imagine?) but it's very close, just not quite as close as the Grindhouse Edition.

Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown have completed the writing phase. Preliminary layouts have been done. The next step is to determine exact formats, finalize layout, commission art, and proof it. The art will take the lion's share of that time but we really can't move forward on that until the initial Grindhouse/Vornheim sales cycle is done. Small publisher, not unlimited resources and all that.

And that's the news.

Keep updated with the latest reviews of LotFP releases on the Facebook page here, keep updated with news and rants as they happen at the blog, and then there's the Twitter thing which I just randomly say things on sometimes.

19.11.2010: Updated News

Apologies for not updating the main news page very often (I mainly use the blog for breaking news), but here's what's going on:

LotFP will have a table at Dragonmeet on November 27. The final Weird Fantasy Role-Playing boxes will be available there. This will close out the convention year, with LotFP having been to two Finnish conventions (Ropecon and Tracon), one Swedish (Stockholms Spelkonvent), one German (Spiel), and now England.

The LotFP Webstore is under reconstruction and will be all fancy and stuff by the end of the year. The current store page can be used in the meantime.

I put up the full text of the Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown announcements, so let me also put this up, originally announced October 19:

LotFP to release Zak Sabbath's Vornheim City Kit

Lamentations of the Flame Princess is pleased to announce it will be releasing the Vornheim City Kit by Zak Sabbath of “Playing D&D With Porn Stars” and The Escapist’s "I Hit It With My Axe."

Zak: "The Vornheim City Kit will be a guide to the city that my campaign is based around, but way more than that, it'll be a tool for running open-ended city adventures anywhere. I'm not going to be Mr. PR here and claim I'm sure it'll have 'Everything You Need To Run A Campaign In A Fake Medieval Urban Setting' but I am sure it'll have everything I need, because this is actually the stuff I use when we play.

"The Vornheim City Kit will feature: oddities of the city; maps of major locations; a souped-up version of the "urbancrawl" rules for creating fully-stocked labyrinthine streets while players are actually being chased through them; and loads of tables for creating taverns, merchants, libraries, decadent aristocrats, and other accoutrements of urban living in a split-column format allowing the DM to generate functional details on the fly or mix-and-match results during adventure prep in order to create more individualized environments.

"The emphasis will be on creating instruments you can actually use, rather than burying the DM under masses of pre-imagined information. This won't be a big, fat, where-the-fuck-did-I-put-that-bookmark encyclopedia of every loose toothpick and manhole cover in the city. This will be a little book that you can put on your table and say to your players "Ok, it's Friday night in 1200 AD, what are we doing?" and be confident that you have an environment ready to roll with any punch the party throws. The pictures will be helpful, the maps will be clear, the tables will be fun to roll on, and it will all be easy to find."

The kit will also include notes and commentary on how the tools in the kit can or have worked out in actual play from James Raggi, Zak Sabbath, and the 'Axe' girls.

Look for it Winter 2011.

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