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11.12.2013: Winter Update

Boy oh boy are we rubbish with keeping up on the news.

We're in writing and production mode, with the Referee book, the reprints of Death Frost Doom and Tower of the Stargazer, Zak's Red and Pleasant Land, Zzarchov's Scenic Dunnsmouth and Thulian Echoes, Rients' Broodmother, Chandler's No Salvation for Witches, Michael Curtis' A Single Small Cut, and Kelvin Green's Forgive Us (formerly Horror Among Thieves), Another Shitty Adventure, Tower of the Navelgazer, Brockie's Towers Two, and Conley's English Civil War Sandbox, and probably another thing or two I've forgotten right now, all in various stages of completion.

Stretched thin is not the word for it.

The Ref book is the main priority, since nothing else can really be printed or sent to distribution until the core is done. After that, things should pop out at a more consistent rate than we've managed lately...

13.09.2013: Ref Book Time

We're getting the new hardcover Ref book going.

The details:

New greatly expanded hardcover Ref book... and a new 4th printing of Death Frost Doom will be included with all Ref books backed through this campaign thanks to pre-campaign sponsors!

There is a lot of exclusive stuff available through the campaign like heavy-duty slipcases and Ref screens, a new Zzarchov adventure, T-shirt, special dice sets, note pads...

There are add-ons which will change the book itself -- commentary by Kenneth Hite or Frank Mentzer or Michael Curtis or Zak S, or new monsters by Rafael Chandler and Aeron Alfrey...

24.07.2013: New LotFP Releases!

Greetings LotFPers!

New releases now in stock and for sale at the LotFP Store:

LotFP Rules & Magic hardcover book The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions (by D. Vincent Baker) Qelong (by Kenneth Hite) Fuck For Satan (by James Edward Raggi IV) Tales of the Scarecrow Better Than Any Man

Plus: Alice T-shirt design Bookmarks!

Plus: Flame Princess T-shirt design, all sizes re-stocked!

Note that several of those books were crowdfunded. If you participated in the crowdfunding campaign and are unsure about what you should be receiving, email and we'll get that sorted.

Thanks for your support everybody!

31.05.2013: Welcome New LotFP Fan!

'allo those of you who were directed here by either the Free Rules & Magic release on DriveThru/RPGNow, and those of you who came here because of picking up Better Than Any Man for Free RPG Day (June 15 if you're reading this before then, click the link and use the Retailer Locator to find this 96 page free adventure at a store near you!)!

There's a link to the right there to a free artless download of the Rules & Magic book.

The PDF will make it clear that LotFP falls under the "old school/OSR/retro-clone" scene, but it does have some little twists that turn game-play slightly left of center. "Where's the weirdness in this Weird Fantasy?" you might ask. That's more in the Ref book and it's more atmosphere and advice than hard-coded strangeness; if it was part of the regular rules then it wouldn't be weird, it would just be another part of the game. Do be sure to check the Summon spell in the free download if you really insist on weirdness in the rules.

A few months ago I also wrote a series of "LotFP Quick Primer" posts on G+ and the LotFP blog. Here they are:

Part 1 "Free no-art Rules & Magic PDF" (already mentioned above)
Part 2 "Sanctity of PCs"
Part 3 "Edgy Content"
Part 4 "Campaign Play"
Part 5 "LotFP vs Women"

As far as this website, you'll notice it's not very well up to date. Busy busy busy actually making stuff. The store link up top is your best bet for browsing info about our releases, and the links to the right on this page will keep you up to date on news. Twitter gets the occasional update, and the G+ and Facebook pages usually display the same "official" updates, as does the blog. The forum (link up top) is fairly active and you can interact directly with the freaks, malcontents, and ne'er-do-wells that make up the LotFP fanbase.

LotFP Publisher James Edward Raggi IV's personal G+ page is used to preview art, give snippets about what's being currently worked on, and inspirational bits like movie and music commentary. That's where real interaction and fun happens instead of the boring linking of release info and reviews.

About LotFP's different editions:

The Deluxe Edition came first. 650 copies made, sold out. The Grindhouse Edition came next. 2000 copies made, and it's almost sold out--bad timing, with all this new promotion... The next edition will be two hardcover books, the Player book (Rules & Magic) and the Referee (Procedures & Inspirations) book. The Rules & Magic book will be out late June/early July, the Ref book in another couple months.

We've got books from Kenneth Hite and Vincent Baker, among others, out soon. I'd go create an LotFP store account so you can be notified when all these new releases hit the LotFP store (retail shops won't get them until a few months after...).

Questions? Fan mail? Hit that Contact link up top.

05.02.2013: Winter Update!

It's sometimes difficult to remember the actual LotFP homepage in the flurry of events that make up the everyday here. (or maybe I don't have a clue how many people visit this site but I see instant feedback in other places I post... how's that for proper PR?)

Here's what's going on at LotFP:

LotFP Flame Princess T-shirts are available from the LotFP Store and IPR.

Tales of the Scarecrow is available in PDF from the usual places.

Previous crowdfunding efforts are in process. The Rules & Magic hardcover and Kenneth Hite's Qelong are finished with layouts and art is coming in. When the art is all done they should be ready for print.

As for the summer adventure campaign projects, Vincent Baker's Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions is in layout. Rients' Broodmother Sky Fortress is in playtesting. Brockie, Green, and Conley are taking a wee bit longer with their projects than expected but I am in contact with all three. My own bonus 64 page adventure is all written and editing is complete. It's an art-free project so all it needs is layout and it's ready for press.

(Reminders that more frequent updates are made to the Google + and Facebook pages.)

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