Hammers of the God

By the Sign of the Hammer!

A mysterious map and a promise treasure to be won are all that are required to set any adventurer worth the name into the wilderness. But sometimes what is found is far more than treasure.

Many that are good and noble will kill to make sure the secrets to be found under the old mountain stay buried. Many that enter the darkness will become beguiled by the splendor of the halls in which they walk, mesmerized by the riches to be found there, never realizing that death follows their every move.

Dwarves never forget a grudge. But what if they hold that grudge against themselves?

Beware the god who has been discarded.

For Character Levels 3 – 5

James Edward Raggi IV Writing, Layout

Laura Jalo Interior Art

Maria Kyytinen Proofreading

Dean Clayton Cover Art

Ramsey Dow Cartography

Matt Johnsen Hammers of the God Logo